MGM Capital is an investment company headquartered in Beirut. Our major goal is to attain risk-adjusted returns by investing mainly in the real estate market.

The company is involved in the ownership and development of numerous properties. These properties consist of multifamily apartments as well as offices, industrial and retail spaces throughout Mount-Lebanon and Beirut. MGM Capital is guided by its experience and ability to create durable value in strategically focused markets.

At MGM Capital, combining our disciplined, modern process with professional knowledge gained through many years in the real estate industry is central to our success. Our primary objective focuses on opportunities to create fortress real estate with pricing advantages and high barriers to entry. To these basic building blocks we add value through intensive, hands-on management, and quality brand building.

Our success has always been founded on one thing: trust. We are a trusted partner to many of the country's top investors. Since investor and client satisfaction are our primary aim, and regardless of the fact that some projects may not be developed by MGM Capital, we remain committed to investing in the best places to live or work in.