About us

MGM Capital

Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, MGM Capital specializes in real estate investment and in developing landmark properties by catering to local and international clients.  

With over $500 million invested in real estate spanning over three decades, MGM has developed top commercial and residential projects, all of which range from multifamily apartments to offices and industrial and retail spaces. Today, MGM has already expanded its reach and broken the barriers of the international market armed with leadership and economic knowledge.

Not only does MGM Capital build landmark properties, but it also builds strategic relationships with neighborhoods, communities, governments, business, and financial partners. Its unique method of developing properties starts with a sharp knowledge of the market and a disciplined approach to acquire lands in the path of growth. The process resumes with various steps, from the creation of value through the planning and entitlement process, to the development and the marketing of residential lots and commercial sites and finally, to a well-thought-out collaboration with like-minded partners who share the same vision and values.

The group remains committed to the vision set by its founder, Marcel Ghazal Mouawad, delivering an outstanding experience and laying the groundwork for the industry. Combining a disciplined and modern approach with a professional knowledge is central to the success of MGM Capital – a competitive advantage that the group has gained through extensive years excelling in real estate. The primary objective focuses on harnessing opportunities that mend the bridge between impressive real estate projects and unique pricing advantages.  

The group’s mission is to attain attractive returns for its clients whilst adding value through intensive, hands-on management and quality buildings.

Founded on commitment, MGM Capital is a trusted partner to many investors and prides itself on its ongoing success. Since investor and client satisfaction are its primary aim, it is committed to invest in the world’s best places to live or to work in.

As business prospers, MGM Capital is looking to carry out its reputation, legacy and experience across international borders, and more importantly, to expand both its vision and expertise globally.

Committed to the highest level of excellence achievable, the founder of MGM Capital, Marcel Ghazal Mouawad, ensures the utmost degree of performance and professionalism. Corporate social responsibility activities are regularly adopted by the group's companies, hence ensuring sustainable operations and responsible conduct. The group is an active community player, contributing to social, environmental, and humanitarian causes.