Asset Management

As Real Estate Development experts and through our Asset Management arm, we offer our International Real Estate investment expertise to benefit our partners.

MGM Capital has long been crafting a vision of reliability and integrity and so its strong reputation of a trusted leading real estate investor and developer has equipped the group with the right skills to identify, advise and manage important international assets. Flavored by ideals of commitment, the group has proved itself to be an expert manager and operator of real estate assets, with a financial strength and access to capital markets and a network of strategic investors and real estate owners.

Having managed more than $500 million real estate investments, MGM Capital has developed decades upon decades of know-how. The group ensures a thorough investment process from sourcing, to undertaking the full due diligence to creating value. We believe trust comes from transparency and thus, it is our expertise in excellent assets under our management that help us make comparably better investment decisions. Our track record has been impressive with consistent returns exceeding 15% IRR. Spanning over three continents, our current assets under management exceed $120 million.

As we strive to develop, manage and invest in strategic real estate opportunities, we remain open to strong partnerships and collaborations with key stakeholders.

Through our activities, our core mission continues to ensure long term value for our clients, partners, investors and shareholders.