Making a difference for 30+ years

Established in 1990, MGM Capital is a privately owned specialized Real Estate group that holds a strong international footprint and that has invested over $500 million in developing over-the-top real estate properties – including over 16 projects from a variety of offices to industrial, retail and residential projects. 

Just as we strive to deliver a unique experience for our client, we also aim to own, develop and manage properties with a drive for perfection, reliability and integrity. Throughout the years and with the proliferation of our projects, we succeeded in building a strong international network with key partners including leading financial institutions and business groups, construction companies, contractors, law firms, brokers and marketing agencies.

With over 30 years on, MGM Capital has become the embodiment of the ideals it envisaged, leading the industry by helping clients explore new possibilities and reimagining the world for the better. The group’s prominent property management services have always ensured continuity in the projects’ luxury and comfort, and have revealed a myriad of competitive advantages, such as: asset integrity, financial strength, attractiveness for consistent lease income and high occupancy levels, reliable operating systems and finally, updated financial statements that have exceeded the expectations of both our partner investors and clients. By honoring who we are at the core, we have become a trusted developer and manager of residential and commercial real estate projects, and we are now on a path of constant evolution and development as we expand our activities across international borders.  

We pride ourselves in our established expertise and an irrefutable strength in feasibility studies, design, planning and implementation, project coordination, construction and project management, property management and maintenance, as well as sourcing and supplies.  Since we believe in excellence, we make sure to keep our properties in prime condition through effective property management and quality workmanship, including services in electromechanical, security, cleaning and building management systems.