Management Team

Meet the team

MGM Capital's Management team oversees the group's day-to-day and overall operations, ensuring a flexible and sustainable organization that is committed to a strong legacy of trust, professionalism and reliability, all the while guaranteeing the continued growth and effective expansion of the group’s companies.

Marcel Ghazal Mouawad
Chairman & GM
Pierre Ghazal Mouawad
Managing Director
Marc Ghazal Mouawad
Managing Partner
Anthony Ghazal Mouawad
Managing Partner
Claudia Keirouz
Administrative Manager
Issam Khoury
Chief Accountant
Tania Mecherkani
Office Manager

Message from the Chairman Marcel Mouawad

Over the past four decades, we, at MGM Capital, have committed to building homes and offices that foster a positive environment within our neighborhoods and the city, as we work towards developing and sustaining a better country. We aspire for peace, and we build for a brighter future.  

We took a major leap forward as we invested in Lebanon during one of the most trying and challenging circumstances, and powered through until we saw to the rise of landmark projects. Our undertakings are built on the highest of standards, boasting nothing less than expertise as we strive for excellence and aim to transcend innovation.  Along with the care of devoted teams, we walk towards transparent operations and strong partnerships with suppliers, partners, and clients; from home to business and office owners.  We believe our clients to be our extended family and constantly aim at maintaining the sense of authenticity and transparency between us. Therefore, our doors are always open to those with whom we create partnerships, and even more so, to those in need. Ethics is at the heart of our core values and is a constant reminder of what we believe in.  Giving back to society is a commitment that has become part of MGM Capital Group’s ethics, and we place charity and goodwill at the forefront of our values.

With our ever-growing portfolio of achievements, we will continue to seek the acquisition of valuable assets, as we invest and develop signature landmark projects, both locally and globally. Surmounting unimaginable crises in Lebanon, we are unafraid of pushing boundaries and we have grown more resilient, more committed and more courageous.  As we face a horizon of limitless opportunities, we vow to expand and grow, exploring our decades of successful experiences to build on the trust we have earned from our partners and clients.  Our top priority remains to always deliver with the utmost precision and quality. For this, we proudly rely on our diverse, devoted and loyal directors, managers and employees.  

I take pride in the fortitude and empathic attitude that the team of MGM Capital Group leads with and I am utterly delighted with the discipline and care that manifests itself through our projects. My motto remains at the heart of our group: “Treat others the way you want to be treated”.