“Youth Cap” Center created by Cénacle de La Lumière (CDLL)

CDLL is a Lebanese NGO that aims at helping drug addicts in their fight against addiction.  The center offers shelter and assistance to addicts and works within the sectors of development and prevention for both youth and society, as well as in the rehabilitation of individuals who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Taking part in CDLL’s initiative to provide support plans to communities in Beirut, “Youth CAP” care center was created in response to the Beirut Port blast, and is also as a humble participation to maintain the resilience and vitality of said communities – all of which are subject to trying times and stressful moments.  Located in Mar Mikhael – Beirut, the emergency relief platform was completely renovated by MGM Capital. Supporting its cause to offer free of charge services pertaining to mental health, the group aimed at encouraging Beirut’s sustainable recovery.